fredag 28 oktober 2011

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Anonym sa...

There are music fans. And there are true fans. Which one are you?
Fans download the single. True fans know the whole album.
Fans trip on the myth. True fans understand the reality.

It's not about models and bottles. It's about working hard, from the moment the sun rises, until you just can't push your body any further. If you want hype, just stay with the music mags and blogs that you already read. If you want to understand the reality of this business from the inside, come inside. We've got a seat for you.

Five episodes a week. Live from the tour. And you'll join a community of hustlers that understand how the industry works and are ready to take their involvement to the next level.

This is just the beginning. Join us.

nattverd sa...

love it

Anonym sa...

älsket på det här klippet! helvete vad han är fantastisk. både duden och weeknd.