tisdag 4 oktober 2011

it's too easy to cry
when everything eventually dies
if not today
then maybe tomorrow

dont let that thought slip away
let it come out and play

it takes you down
at the speed of sound
when youre on the ground
you never think you get up

up and around
then it goes down

the thought that you found
takes you to town
smashes your face
burns out your heart
then you go home
and turn it into art

it's not easy to die
no matter how down you are
you eventually rise
if not today
then maybe tommorrow

don't let that soul get away
let it fly high to your dying day

this is the chance for one last glance
one brilliant romance

dont cry for the time you lost in your life
the money you spent or those cheap white lies

kiss them goodbye
and see whats left

i know its you

1 kommentar:

Anonym sa...

Still reads as fresh as the first time I heard this lovely song...