torsdag 24 november 2011

no matter what anyone says,
no matter how selfish and confused they are in their expectations,
i will always believe in the two of you and what you've shown me.

you give me so much by showing me the
happiness that comes from being myself,

and sharing that joy with everyone around me.
i used to think i needed to be like you in order to
live that way, but this summer i learned the key.

it was simply letting who i truly am exist in every form.
transcending the ideas or limitations
my countrymen or society places
on what can and should be done,
and finding that i am as natural as the deer
in the field behind my house.

and why should i not be as free as that same deer?
why not wave in the wind as softly
and peacefully as the willow tree?

nature was the answer.

i found more peace and god and myself
there than anywhere else.
and then i found the beauty of a family,
and saw everything they mean to me.
my appreciation for what i've been given by them,
my friends, and this earth grows each day.

but i've got you to thank for making me question
what i was doing in the first place.
the simplicity in the words you wrote
resounded with me three years ago,
and still do today.

i have so much respect for the time and care
you put into what you share. it's rare.

there is no denying i love the sound of your music,
but i can't thank you enough for helping me
in the right direction without even knowing it.
your music is like reading a book
that makes you think so hard about
who you are and what you're doing.
for me, listening to nº2 is like the
first time i read nature by emerson.

i don't want to be emerson or accept everything he says,
but there are undeniable truths in his words
that i felt before but may not have recognized until reading it.
the same happens with your songs.

i will always think of you kindly.
never stop being free.
it is the only way to be.

cameron book

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DRAKE sa...

May your neighbors respect you
Trouble neglect you
angels protect you
And heaven accept you..

Unknown sa...
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