lördag 26 november 2011

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Anonym sa...

THANK YOU for this. It is absolutely great. I KNOW EVERYTHING.

Anonym sa...

I changed my mind. I feel sorry. SORRY for what I did, sorry for the damage, the bad words, the hate... Sorry for all that stupid things I made in this blog for weeks, because I never tried to ruin it (of course not). I was thinking about our last conversation, our last words... and well, when I saw this video and during last hours thinking about it, I must say that I didn't understand anything! anything at all! And I hate myself for that reason. Now I know there are important things in this world beyond the superficial stuff. And I understand that there are other ways of living. Happiness is simple, humans make it complex, and you try to make it easy.

Sincerely, sorry.