onsdag 3 oktober 2012

joakim and elin,

i have been drinking a lot of red wine tonight.
a cheap 5$ bottle, i don't know how many euros that is.
but none the less, i feel like my skin is a warm blanket.
and i can't stop enjoying the bukowski line you posted.
it reminds me of being with my best friend.

but the purpose of this message is to say that i don't think
i have ever heard a more pure, peaceful combination of
guitar and singing than in your song "light".

my friends and i
spent a lot of time in the woods this summer
timbering trees and smoking in front of smoking fires
listening to high summer, not just the one by jj,
but the one by nature. the leaves brushing against each other
in the tops of the trees. and the creek water running over
the rocks in the stream. we couldn't even walk on them,
they were covered in moss. but slipping on them into the water,
  that felt like a childhood summer. so i guess i am a child still.
just answering to myself now, not to my mother. 
even though i was i was, 
because i love her more than i love myself.
 how can i show her that? 
you can tell me, i know you know i...
probably already know.

so yes, there was love and roller coasters and beer and stars,
but the whole time we had that serene sound of jj
playing along with us. i have been trying to tell you this so
many times, but never say it right... but the songs you and elin
make and the words, the words, the words!
 they are things i've felt and things i am feeling 
and things i may have not yet felt, but when i do
 i realize you already explained it to us in your music. 
you have a gift, and i know you don't want
people trying to be part of something that they are not, and
i guess that is what i am doing, but it is a really really
nice feeling thinking there are at least two or three people
out there who will smile at the way i see the world, not because
they think it is funny, but because they know just what i see.

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