tisdag 17 juni 2014

 Dear jj, 
about 4 years ago, you performed at 'Charlatan' in Gent, Belgium. 
We met outside the bar after the concert and we spoke about our special bond with your music, 
since my husband played your records while I gave birth to our son, Remi. 
He was a newborn at that time.  Today, he's a wonderful 4-year-old boy. 
You took a little concert-poster and at the back of it, you wrote a 'Story to Remi', 
telling him about the evening and that jj and Remi should meet one day 
We framed this poster and it has been in our living room ever since. Remi asked us several times 
"who is that boy and that girl on the poster?" and we explained the whole story to him. 
That he was born with your music accompanying it. He loves to listen to your music (no wonder ) 
and now we are all very excited that on 19th August, your new album will be released. 
We hope that you will perform in Belgium again (or anywhere near Belgium) so we can bring Remi to your concert.
 And maybe meet you. Oh what a beautiful day that would be... 
We wish you guys all the best in life and with the new album and we truely hope to see you soon!  
Love from your giant Belgian fans, 
Laura, Kwinten and Remi xxx