torsdag 11 september 2014

so the time has come
my dear old friend
how we longed
and screamed
for this moment
when you once again
decide to so poignantly
touch this universe
with the most unique magic
the wandering conjuring
the playful laughter,
blonde hair
and watercourse ways
to have a friend like that
to share a world like this
i cannot imagine
yet i just imagined it
here, yeah?

anyway, so v season
is here
the fifth season
the sixth sense
we are so with you
and we feel you here
you touched us so deep
from 2009 we've shined
with you, as binary stars
stars for the stars
as you said
and we remember every
word we read

the forever of v
is that we have
been making this
album forever
and you are
to me
the messengers
to let us hear
what we have all
been feeling from
day one
and i am so thankful
that you are
the beautiful translators
of the hidden and lost
feelings of mankind

i cannot rid myself
of the thought that
you are here from
that place deep inside
of every human heart
the place where the man
hides his inner boy
the place where the woman
hides her inner girl
the place where we all hide
our initial bright light
of freedom and curiosity
and you are here
to show us ourselves again
cause i know, oh i know
i have fucking lost it

you asked me in vallentuna
before we saw your old house
if i had anything to say about
the album, and my dear friend, i have so much to say. 
and i was wondering if you would be ok with me to write 
a small story of both fiction and truth for each song on the album? 
and i was thinking Riley could make sketches for each song/story. 
i want to write. i ache to write and i have never had a real concrete idea until now. 
so this seems special.

let me know
love you

1 kommentar:

Anonym sa...

that is a wonderful idea

perhaps others will join, ya?

just truth for me

yeah you should know

from my face, to my.. wings. you take me back to grade school. 3rd grade. i would have been 9. i was 9. i just switched schools because they had the wings program at the new one. some advanced program. they called it different things, here and there. but here it was known as wings. people are dreaming in it. plays on words would happen sporatically. but usually on friday. word games. those were my favorite. games like, here let me think of one. i cannot remember any, so i will make one up. its not fiction, though, its a real one..

my ♥
nught ♡

much love