onsdag 21 september 2011

I'm Sorry
I Can't Meet Your Approval
So Please Keep The Hand Claps
No Need For A Compliment
I Can Pat Myself On The Back
No Dying For An Award
You Can Keep The Trophy
I Could Really Care Less
Whether Any Of Y'all Mother Fuckers Know Me
Excuse My French Pardon Me
I Don't Mean To Steal Your Shine
Man I'll Be In This Sun For So Long
Lookin' My Way Will Just Make You Blind

All I Need Is The Love

Cuz I Can Never Have Enough Of That
You Don't Have To Try To Be The Man
When You The Man

See I'm Embedded
And Your Fifteen Minutes Are Almost Up
I Wish You Would Roll Up
Don't Try Me I'm Not Like Him
Not Like Them
I Wish You Would Roll Up
I'm Not Him I'm Not Like Them
Don't Try Me
I'm Not Better Than That

Form Of Flattery

You Say He Sound Like Me
You Say They Sound Like Me
I Don't Need Another Whip
A Ni**A Flyin' Now
I See You In The Shadow
In Motion Without A Paddle
Stop Acting Like A Girlfriend
Stop Acting Like A Freshman
If You're Surprised You're Here
It Means You Shouldn't Be Here
No Heart
No Glory
No Pain
No Fear
It's One Thing To Be Hot
But That Don't Make It A Career

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I found the notebook, it was right on one of my doorsteps.
If you only knew my dream..

much love