onsdag 17 februari 2016



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Anonym sa...

i miss YOU
know that
can't you see that
i dream of you
all the time
daydream nightdream
have done so for such a long time
you're always with me
i speak of you
i dream of us

posting things is hard
should stop doing that
not easy to get it right
too easy everything goes wrong
this game
has many rules
failed this time
it's too many
i was happy to see an old friend again
wanted to tell him that


many years ago i was sad
had to start my life all over
stopped doing things i loved
i felt alone
and isolated
for so long

when i met you
everything changed
know that
you know that
you fill me with wonder
and now i don't know what to do
don't know
i can only wish

Anonym sa...

i think you said i should see the doc


so yeah right

i say i lost weight


Anonym sa...

my communication skills...

sorry for confusion
havn't lost my mind
even though my brain works a bit faster than usual right now
but i don't suffer from insomnia
should really start to speak clearly
that scary serpent just freaked me out
it should be also

but i didn't want to write that
wanted you to guess
promise i will stop doing that
can't believe i'm writing this
just want to be safe
you get what i mean

like everyone else

because i thought that's what you said
hope i made myself clear now
getting embarrassed

everything i say sounds stupid
like overreacting
it's my second name
have to slow down
but believe me it's a bit weird
being alone on the other side of the screen
completely detached from reality

please try to understand

love ya

Anonym sa...

i love you so much i have no words to tell you

would break anything just to let you know

Anonym sa...

my communications kills

much love

Anonym sa...


vad är det

going from memory

it comes to that

i have nothing to hide


do you really

so did i once

i did not think it for long

wish i could remember the switch

it happened live

or as live as this can be

i typed out shit last night but clicked off

where was i at


you seem careful in ways i know

i can say that

i couldn't wait to get out

to see here

oh yeah, work



i got it

this week


long hours

little stress

there has been little stress

2 clear

that up

(i can't see the moon from here until summer)

text from last night:

from 7 2 7? fuck, no that wasn't it

4 24 7? close..

i wore boots 4 24 hours

past 2 days

that was it

hacked my brain

06 maj 2016 04:15

Anonym sa...

now min varlden. uhm dots please

don't think i've had dippindots ever

i could have once, but i was afraid it would freeze my tongue off

have you ever been scared by ice cream

off topic, is there a topic

i remember my world very clearly

focused on the memory


and the masks


what is that?

i dunno

nice to feel a little

better to feel a lot

that's about.. it

no use scrolling up

i just scrolled up

sc ever rolled up

now i go blank

for a while

still blank


get that


i just shivered

the best shivers are song shivers

the best tears are.. hard to tell

the best feeling

hard to remember the name of it

was a condition


just describe it

often happens when hearing a child talking

describing something

in a soft whisper

usually happens to most this time 2

4 letter word

4 letter abbreviation

i hate a

don't you

she ain't

much love

much love

Anonym sa...

hearing you?


a fast brain?


first fast brain?

august 20, 2011

much love

Anonym sa...

you broke me long ago

much love

Anonym sa...

i just typed some more, and was afraid it would hurt you, so i didn't send it

jealousy just makes everyone mad, but i was once

can't say what did it

but it was a video

happy 4 you was once, too, the most happy time

if, i feel retard, you keying on the piano

you're going to make my cry here

then you looked up toward him

you weren't typing on the keyboard he was

you were watching

make me cry

when i first heard we can't stop

i thought it was for me

just that one word did it

you know what it is

you said it in v too

how can you make me feel so alone

i just want to feel you

you are always so fly

i lost some with time

jumping up and down

i can't get you off my mind

it's all for you

everything is always for you

i don't know why

i just want to feel something

and i am to scared in real life to do it

detached from reality


my fucking head hurts

i've been in love with you for a long time

but i don't know you

it's like i know nothing about you

im fucking this up

i think more talk always fucks it up

but it really doesn't

maybe i dont know

yeah, i feel this is lame too

LAME 3.99.5

i haven't cried yet

i've given up more times than i can count


much love

Anonym sa...

in reality it's so close to opening
u clothes mine
been clothed since way before
this sounds mean
but it's just me hiding

here we go

have a good day at work

see u

much love

Anonym sa...

i miss YOU

Anonym sa...


Anonym sa...

break time
you have me living again on here
i like the feeling

much love

Anonym sa...