fredag 19 februari 2016


hitta mig 
och ge mig allting 
som en princess vill se

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Anonym sa...

i see you in the shadows
i see you in all ears
i'm mouthing all ears
i can only dream
what will i dream about tonight
maybe oh fuck
i am right
or two lefts
don't make me shy
please don't make me shy
away from myself
practic emakes prefect
practically my everything
no not practically
my everything
jag vill ha litta vatten
jag vill ja lita vi
vad fan babblar du om
jag tycker inte
jag bara forstor
jag bara se
jag bara lyssna
det allting jag ge
i think
sup tr
sup sup
what it is
never backspace
fuck the backspace
ya dig?
ants infiltrate and i'm left here wondering, what the fuck?
i mean, how can those littel fuckers get on my fucking i ntypenthis
i just killed an ant
they live for 12 years
i just shorted 12 yeras of that ants liv
well, i suppose (sup) i should go for 6 years.
taht would make more sense
im fucking backspaceing lol oh fuck
i was told i was like an ant, in passing conversation, a few weeks ago and i did not take offense. i was like, well an'ts are pretty small and pretty smart so they can form all their ant fuck colonies and shit i mean with different ant's and shit. i mean ones with wings. i can only guess, from pure observation, that the ones with wings are the rescuer ants. to take the dead. or maybe they are the same as the hunter ants. and are just searching for food. thats probably it. i think the ones with wings are returner ants, well i mean they all return to the colony, eventually, but i think the ones with wings are actually summoned. like in court officially they see the little ant judges and they're like you, mr. black ant with wings, you may now go and visit where all the other ants have gone and none have succeeded in bringing back food. you must go and rescue 10 dead ants. so he did it.
ants probably promoted to prince ant now.
i mean shit.
how much have i sucked up in a day, lets see..
fuck not even 100.
it was freeleech.
min liv.
click lcik click.
and stfu.
more like 93.
but who's counting.
who rebounded?
i mean.. it's kind of something i can't resist when it had artwork scans.
a site on cd and artwork scans
say what?
no not what.
can't say what.
i can't remember the swedish word for sorry.
i always think, please.
snella jag tycker
i should have cut this off like 20 minutes ago
i'm just saying dumb shit new
oh fuck i forgot there was a character limit. like when i had to split it up twice.
i wonder if i will have to do that now.
can't come up for like a month now
the winter here was awful. i mean it wasn't good. when people usually say the winter was awful, they mean it had lots of snow. i mean the exact opposite.

there was hardly any snow. i love snow.

in related confessions..

sorry, i just thought for lik3 3 minutes.
i was thinking that in a greenhouse it kind of turns into a giant igloo in the winter (when it snows). even now, parts of the glass roof had snow covering them. all of the houses that weren't heated were snow covered. then i thought, well, can igloos have fire in them? for some reason i remember having a little hole at the top for the smoke to get out. but them just now i'm like, or was that teepee's. maybe i just imagined an igloo with fire inside.

birdman is really pushing thugger. last two days..

i heard him in the car, in a 2 min commute. twice i think. twice this week in a 2 min commute. 4 minute round trip.


the guy at the bank was like, "see ya, boo".

made my want to work that into my general vocabulary. boo.

white on the ghost.

..currently resisting deleting the ant part.

drive sober and get pulled over.

i just want to delete everything and send nothing.

i want you to want me to babble.

if i can send nothing then i will just send this:

i want you to want me to babble.

also, i'm reading infinite jest.. just with the rest.

much love

Anonym sa...

first watch, just now

much love